March 14, 2016

Observables With Angular and Feathers

Feathers is a modern API framework for Node.js. It exposes its backend services as a REST API or as a websocket API. To consume the exposed websockets from an Angular app, it makes sense to create Angular services to abstract the respective Feathers services in a way that makes it easy for our Angular components to consume them. This tutorial is assuming that you are using the Angular CLI for your app. ... Read more

February 16, 2016

Run a CI/CD Server on Cloud Foundry

Pushing Apps to Cloud Foundry is as easy as it gets, thanks to the cf push command. However, it is still tedious to push your code after every change you make, just to see if it still runs in the cloud. That’s where a CI/CD server comes in handy. It tests, builds and deploys your code every time you git push to any git repo. Strider is an open source CI/CD server based on Node. ... Read more

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